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Industrial and Recreational Products:

We offer a wide selection of industrial and recreational products. Several of these are listed below. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Custom sized tarps in canvas, vinyl, polypro, polyester, and mesh.  Applications include equipment covers, truck tarps for hauling trash and landscape material, lumber or steel, salt pile tarps, and construction. We sell rubber rope as well.

Baseball Fields:  "Batter’s Eye", base and pitcher’s mound tarps, baseball dugout rain/shade covers, fencing mesh, baseline bleacher padded wall pads, polypro field covers:

      - Check out our recent Baseball dugout projects!

School specialty covers: gym floor covers, bleacher pads, sports equipment and baseball field covers

Flame retardant vinyls and vinyl coated mesh –FR orange mesh for safety vests

Welding curtains, gloves, aprons, carbon and nomex hoods, heat resistant clothing, tapes, ropes, and tubing

Drip Catchers for leaking roofs

Flag poles for schools and companies including:  US, state, and custom logo flags

Tents and Canopies:  We are a dealer for the Eureka line of quality products

Specialty Bags for promotions or the workplace, plain or silkcreened

Repairs:  If you need a tear or seam mended, or a zipper, snap, grommet, or other fastener replaced, we can probably help you.









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